Faculty Directory

Nicole Braxtan, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
  • Structural components and systems in fire
  • Fire protection for buildings and bridges
  • Energy infrastructure and systems
  • Seismic performance and design
  • Sustainable construction and green buildings
  • Engineering education


Shen-En Chen, Ph.D

Shen-En Chen, Ph.D., P.E.
  • Power transmission structures
  • Carbon storage in geological formations
  • Remote sensing for bridge monitoring
  • Forensic investigation


Janos Gergely, Ph.D.

Janos Gergely, Ph.D., S.E. (IL), P.E.
Associate Professor
  • Structural rehabilitation using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites
  • Advanced construction materials
  • Seismic design and analysis of structures
  • Nonlinear analysis of buildings and bridges

Brett Q. Tempest, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
  • Advanced Concrete Materials
  • Sustainable Design
  • Concrete Durability
  • Low Energy Construction Materials
  • Geopolymer Concretes


David C. Weggel, Ph.D.

David C. Weggel, Ph.D., P.E.
  • Response of structures subjected to extreme loading (blast, wind, seismic, wave)
  • Nonlinear static/dynamic analysis of structures
  • Advanced engineering materials
  • Experimental structural investigations
  • Wavelet-based signal diagnostics

Matthew J. Whelan, Ph.D

Matthew J. Whelan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
  • Embedded and Wireless Sensor Design for Structural, Substructural, and Industrial Applications
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Experimental Diagnostics
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Systems and Long-Term Bridge Management
  • Low-Power RF Networks for Terrestial and Underground Sensing Applications
  • Experimental Modal Analysis, System Identification, Structural Identification

David T. Young, Ph.D.

David T. Young, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor / Associate Director of EPIC
  • Experimental investigation of new building products
  • Experimental evaluation of high-performance materials
  • Nondestructive sensing for structural integrity