2015-2016 New Faculty and Chairs

Date Published: 
November 24, 2015

The William States Lee College of Engineering is proud to announce the addition of two new department chairs and a number of new faculty and staff members to our college. As educators, researchers, technicians and administrators, these new people bring a wealth of experience from some of the best academic institutions and companies in the world.

New Department Chairs

Dr. Simon Hsiang
Chair, Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Arriving from Texas Tech University (TTU), Dr. Simon Hsiang joins UNC Charlotte as chair of the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department. Having served in TTU’s Industrial Engineering Department and NC State’s Institute of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research graduate program, he has more than 20 years of teaching experience in the fields of biomechanics and risk analytics.

Prior to his academic work, Dr. Hsiang was a senior researcher for the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group in Boston, working in the area of incident analysis and conducting field surveys of risk factors involved in occupational injuries and worker compensation. The insurance data integrated in his work was multi-featured, with multiple failure modes and complex demographical and geographical networks.

Since joining academia, he has received support from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and health, the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Air Force, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. His experience with large, complex data of recurring events in actuarial and field epidemiological studies is employed in the stratification and development of meta-decision rules. His current research project is to develop a multi-objective computational model for future space station design.

Dr. Hsiang holds one patent in bioinstrumentation. Overall, he has published more than 60 journal papers, as well as numerous book chapters in the areas of biomechanics, risk analysis and engineering management.

Dr. Asis Nasipuri
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Nasipuri joined UNC Charlotte in August 2000 as an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and was promoted to associate professor and professor in 2006 and 2012, respectively. In the ECE department, he served as associate chair, graduate director, undergraduate director and interim chair. He holds a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a bachelor’s (Honors) degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur.

Prior to joining UNC Charlotte, Dr. Nasipuri served as a visiting researcher at the University of Texas at San Antonio (1998 - 2000) and a faculty member in the Department of Electronics and Electrical

Communication Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, India (1993 - 1998). Dr. Nasipuri’s research interests are in communications and networking with an emphasis on the development of protocols and algorithms for multihop wireless networks. His research on multi-channel medium access control (MAC) protocols, MAC for directional antennas, multipath on-demand routing for multi-hop wireless networks, and location discovery in sensor networks has received considerable attention. He has also worked on statistical signal processing problems related to the detection of weak signals in the presence of noise.

Dr. Nasipuri has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers that have received more than 4,200 citations. He has received funding from a variety of federal and industrial sponsors including the National Science Foundation and the Electric Power Research Institute. He has led several projects that involved deployment of wireless sensor networks for remote monitoring applications for the health of equipment in power plants and substations. He has developed close collaboration with industrial partners EPRI, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Southern Company, and Burkert Contromatic Corporation. Dr. Nasipuri served as the general chair of the 2012 ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc). He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM.

New Faculty

Courtney Green
Lecturer, Engineering Technology and Construction Management
M.S. in Engineering, UNC Charlotte, 2008

Ms. Green comes to UNC Charlotte with seven years of structural and forensic engineering experience in Charlotte, NC, where she worked on a wide range of structural projects for an engineering consulting firm. She is a licensed professional engineer in North Carolina. Ms. Green’s teaching focus is in the design of steel, concrete, wood and masonry structural systems.


Dr. Tao Han
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2015

Dr. Han’s expertise includes designing wireless communication systems and optimizing mobile networks. He has authored more than 10 articles in IEEE publications. He has also presented more than 10 IEEE conference papers and filed seven U.S. nonprovisional patent applications. He won a prestigious graduate student award from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame and the Hashimoto Prize from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Research Interests:

  • Big data driven network design and optimization, in-network data processing and analysis, cloud computing, network protocols and applications
  • Green communications and networking: designing energy efficient cellular networks, WiFi networks, and cognitive radio networks
  • Internet of Things, wearable networked devices and systems, Device-to-Device proximity services, network and system security
  • Mobile networking and heterogeneous networks

Dr. Yinggang Lu
Research Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Ph.D. in Physics, University of Antwerp, Belgium, 2013

Dr. Lu joins UNC Charlotte from the University of Colorado Boulder where he worked as a research associate. His research interest lies in electron microscopy focused on materials science and nanoscience, including aberration corrected TEM/STEM, EDX/STEM-EDX, EFTEM, EELS. These studies mainly focus on understanding the growth mechanism, and structural and physical properties of nanomaterials based on carbon, boron, nitrogen and other nanostructures.

Research Interests:

  • Electron energy-loss spectroscopy
  • Diamond and carbon-based nanomaterials
  • (Ga1−xZnx)(N1−xOx) nanocrystal for solar energy application

Dr. Glenda Mayo
Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Ph.D. in Building Construction, University of Florida, 2014

Dr. Mayo joined UNC Charlotte from the University of West Florida, where she served for 10 years as a faculty member and coordinator for the Building Construction Program. Her prior experience includes a position as assistant director within the Architectural and Facilities Management department at UWF, as well as experience in both the public and the private sectors in building construction. Her current research focuses on the management practices in the later phases of construction projects and solutions for the data deliverables provided to the owner.

Research Interests:

  • Owner’s data taxonomy
  • Building information modeling for facility owners
  • Condition assessments
  • Asset management

Dr. Bienvenido Rodriguez-Medina
Lecturer and Lab Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2008

Dr. Rodriguez-Medina comes to UNC Charlotte from the Electric Power Research Institute where his work included the management and execution of research efforts related to transmission substations. His new role at UNC Charlotte includes management of undergraduate teaching laboratories and the AREVA Power Systems Teaching Laboratory.

Research Interests:

  • Design, development and validation of undergraduate laboratory experiences
  • High-voltage engineering
  • Electrical transients in power systems
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics of electric power equipment
  • Modeling and simulation of electric power equipment

Dr. Regina Vrikkis
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, UNC Charlotte, 2013

Dr. Vrikkis is a UNC Charlotte alumna, who as a graduate student worked with Carolinas Medical Center to apply biological thermodynamics to develop a nanoparticle drug delivery system for a clinically relevant pharmaceutical protein. She brings her passion for thermodynamics and for her alma mater to her role as a new teaching faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department. She is also assisting in preparing the department for ABET re-accreditation in 2016.


  • MEGR 3111 – Thermodynamics I
  • MEGR 3112 – Thermodynamics II