Fall 2015 Expo

Date Published: 
December 14, 2015

The William States Lee College of Engineering held its fall semester Senior Design Expo on Dec. 11, 2015. Thirty teams presented their completed two-semester projects, and 53 teams presented their first-semester design-concept posters. A photo gallery of the winners and the Expo is here.

The three completed projects judged to be the best were:

First Place – Enhanced Geothermal Power Plant

Sponsor – CB&I

Students – Andrew Lewis, Jeff Obasuyi, Evan Clark, Nicholas Comstock and Christoph Kossack

Mentors – Jason Garrett, Bardrul Chowdhury and Mike Ogle

Description – The team determined requirements for an enhanced geothermal system to create and improve geothermal resources in hot dry rock through 'hydraulic stimulation' to supply hot water needed to produce 100 MW of electric power.


Second Place – RF Mesh Spacer Cable Sensor System

Sponsor – EPRI

Students – Nathaniel Lyash, Yaqi Gao, Joseph Bumgardner, Baqer Al Fardan, Brandon Beres and Zeng Xiong

Mentors – Jason Alexander, Robert Cox and Nan Bousaba

Description – The team developed and integrated an embedded RF sensor system into cable spacers. This sensor system allows for the detection of a downed conductor and also an indication of the typical current that is passing through the conductors.


Third Place – Harnessing River Power for Remote Mission Hospital in Zambia – Part II

Supporter – Powerhouse Mechanical

Students – Jonathan Bridges, Dallas Caudle, Felipe Colombino and Joseph Read

Mentor – Gert Goch

Description – The team designed a water-powered systems to feed electricity to the 180 bed Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambia. The focus of the project was to test and optimize water wheel generators for installation in the Zambia River.


Providing students with an innovative, hands-on learning experience, the Industrial Senior Design Program at UNC Charlotte is educating engineering students, supporting industry partners and benefiting the State of North Carolina. The program teaches students how to apply their years of math, science, and engineering knowledge to solve the unique problems presented by many progressive North Carolina companies. The William States Lee College of Engineering encourages multi-disciplinary projects that involve engineering and technology solutions in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, systems, environmental and civil engineering.