Jy S. Wu, Ph.D., P.E., P.H.

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Civil & Environmental Engineering
Professor, INES PhD Program Director
EPIC 3170
  • Rutgers-State University of New Jersey. Ph.D., Chemical Environmental Engineering, January 1980.
  • Asian Institute of Technology. M.E., Environmental Engineering, 1974.
  • National Taiwan University, B.S.ChE., Chemical Engineering, 1971.
  • Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Civil Engineering, North Carolina, 1983 (#11327)
  • Certified Professional Hydrologist (P.H.), American Institute of Hydrology, 1987 (#671)
  • Certification: ISO 14000 Awareness, 1998
  • Infrastructure and Environmental Systems
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Disaster Research and Management
  • Watershed Management and Modeling
  • Wastewater and Industrial Waste management
Recent Publications:
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  • Wu, J.S., Tseng, H.K., Ferrell, J.C. and Liu, X. 2017. Transforming waste management operations to green energy initiatives: opportunities and challenges. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. 7(3):50-57.
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  • Wu, J.S., Tseng, H.K. and Liu, X. 2013. Affordability of electric vehicles for a sustainable transport system: an economic and environmental analysis. Energy Policy. 61:441-447.
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  • Kaanagbara, L., Inyang, H.I., J.S. Wu and H. Hilger. 2010. Aromatic and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Balance in Electric Transformer Oils. Fuel. 89(10):3114-3118.
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