Pass & No-Credit FAQs

The process for requesting Pass/No Credit will be communicated by the University soon. You do not need to take any action at this time.
Yes, this policy will apply to Civil Engineering progression courses. While a minimum grade of C is required in many civil courses, the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department will allow a grade of Pass (P) to meet course completion and prerequisite requirements, even if a letter grade of D is earned. However, before electing to take a grade of Pass (P), we strongly advise you to reflect on your preparedness for the next courses in your program. You may be better served by retaking the course to earn a grade of C or higher. Please consult with your academic advisor before selecting the grade of Pass (P) in lieu of a D.
Please be assured that all graduate admission committees will be aware of the circumstances around Spring 2020. We are not able to say with certainty how those committees will view student records. Each individual student will need to come to a decision regarding the election of Pass/No Credit.
A Pass (P) or No Credit (N) grade in any course required for the major will have no impact on your cumulative or your major GPA. It will not contribute GPA Hours or Quality Points used in the calculation of overall GPA on your transcript. Furthermore, the major GPA does not include attempted courses where an F is earned and if in cases where the department requires a C or better, a D is not included in the major GPA.

Coronavirus Information

UNC Charlotte is closely monitoring the evolving situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). The Office of Emergency Management is leading the University's infectious disease response team, which is in regular communication with local and state health officials. Our top priority is the health of our campus community.

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