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Academic advising is an integral part of any student’s education. Thus in our department, ALL CEGR Undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor each semester to verify that they will be enrolling in the correct classes in the following semester.

Helpful Academic Advising Links:

University’s Academic Advising Website

Graduation Application - Graduating seniors must apply for graduation before the end of the drop/add period during their final semester.

Transfer Credit Advisor - Transfer students can view this website to see how courses completed at other institutions will transfer to UNC Charlotte.

all Transfer Students:

To be eligible for admission to CEE, transfer students must:

  1. have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better, and
  2. have completed math coursework at least through Calculus I (MATH 1241), and
  3. have completed at least 24 credit hours

All Transfer students (including second degree students) admitted to CEE are required to attend a Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) session prior to their first semester of classes. Visit the SOAR website for more information and to register for a SOAR session. During the transfer student’s first semester of classes, the department will assign an academic advisor and notify the student.

UNC Charlotte Department Transfer Students only

Current UNCC Students wishing to transfer into the CEE Department must have completed the entire freshman curriculum. You cannot attempt any course more than two times and you must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or above. Requests to transfer into Civil should go directly to the Undergraduate Academic Advisor via email.  
As part of the freshman curriculum, you must take ENGR 1202-C01. If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor via email.  Please plan accordingly as this course is only offered during the fall and spring semesters.


All freshman engineering students are advised through College of Engineering Advising.

Sophomores, Junior, and Senior CEE Students:

Sophomore, junior, and senior civil and environmental engineering students are advised by faculty and staff of our department. Departmental academic advising occurs each semester during the two weeks prior to the start of registration. Students are notified of the dates via email. Next, students sign up for an advising appointment with their advisor through the CONNECT system. Registration holds will not be removed until advising is complete (i.e. you must meet with your advisor first).

Students are required to bring the following forms to their advising appointment:

  1. Academic Plan: Students are expected to save a copy of the Academic Plan (pdf) and fill in the semester that each course will be completed. Saving the Academic Plan will enable students to review it and make changes each semester prior to the advising appointment.
  2. Schedule Request Form: Students should enter the courses that they wish to enroll in during the upcoming semester and save a copy. Your advisor will keep the hard copy of the Schedule Request Form.
  3. DegreeWorks: Review and update advisor of any errors in this portal.

During the advising appointment, your advisor will review your completed coursework and the Schedule Request Form to make sure the student will be enrolling in the correct courses during the upcoming semester. Students should ask any questions regarding courses, the B.S.C.E. plan of study, grades, and GPA. Career advice or anything related to content can be directed to faculty advisors.

Students admitted as University College (UCOL) students are advised by the University Advising Center. View the University Advising Center's website for more information.

Tuition Surcharge: Has been repealed. Registrar's website for more information.